4 reasons for non-use of Anti virus in your phone android

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4 reasons for non-use of Anti virus in your phone android

Although many calls to install antivirus and work on constantly updated, but today we may swim against the current and'll call you for the application is not installed antivirus on any smart phone for four basic reasons which will show you that you do not need for these applications in your phone, for the benefits of the few, or rather non-existent provided by .

The system does not need anti-virus 

Operating systems based on UNIX, is the intervention is always in the context of systems, non-threatening viruses. Because in fact, Linux system is extremely rare for a virus, what happens in most cases is that users who download some applications pirated, which contains the functions modified to steal personal data, and that will not be classified as a virus. Thus the use of applications Ante virus has no little benefit from this aspect. 
Who use Google only shop, you should also know that there are countless applications useless on Google Play, and avoid such applications is a good reason to protect themselves from any potential threat. 

Ante virus does not protect you from anything 

Rarely will you find anti-virus protects you 100%, most of the applications that prevent these programs are known applications, so when will download the application is known as mentioned above, the program can not recognize it, and this is becoming increasingly difficult, especially if they worked that Google Play alone have millions and millions of applications, also added his thousands every day! 

Antivirus consume a lot of battery and other system resources 

Be sure that you will suffer from many of the problems using antivirus application, as shown below: 
- The deterioration in the performance of the system; 
- Instability in other applications; 
- Reduce the battery life dramatically; 
- May occur crash the entire system, which will require him the need to remove the battery to restart the phone; 
- Will not be protected from anything; 

Some applications Ante virus comes with functionality and additional tools for cleaning and optimizing your system resources, and this is the only advantage to some Ante viruses, but you can find many of the applications that do the same thing and do not operate in the background and do not take over your PC resources with the poor poor. 

Protect your phone does not need to Antivirus! 

To be safer on your smart phone, it is enough that the necessary updates to the operating system Alandroed Portal to be able to keep the smartphone away from children or anyone who does not trust him, and this is definitely a step and a great advantage to maintain the integrity of your phone and protect it. 
It is also necessary to understand that you do not need all of the applications installed on your phone, so then from time to time declare a "deep cleansing process" and leave only what is necessary to avoid anything that is unknown and illegal. 

The bottom line: 

If you want to control the applications that can connect to the Internet on your device, using a firewall program, you will be more protection and without the loss of a lot of non-essential resources, which are in dire need of it, especially if you are available on the phone specifications weak or moderate. 

Always remember that the uses by are determined by your security and your protection, whether on the computer or smartphone!

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