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Ello ... new social network

Bear the social network, which was launched in the month of March / March, the name "Ello"  and still this network so far rely on the basis of invitation only, any must have a user wishing to join a friend current member of the "Ello". 

The organizers say the network "Ello" There are tens of thousands of people on the waiting list but does not allow for only a small group of them to join in every time. 

And it works, which is still in its pilot phase, in a manner similar to the micro-blogging site "Twitter", in terms of follow-up, and the publications of users are all "public", may include links to other sites, such as "YouTube" or "Saundclaud." 

And shows the user in the "Ello" sections, the first is the "Friends" Friends and the other is Noise Includes everything else, and the user can refer to other users by adding the @ symbol in front of their names and comment on their publications. 

The advantage of the network, "Ello" for more social networks prevalent in the world, "Facebook", it also does not require users register using their names truth (such as "Twitter"). 

Unlike the "Facebook" and "Google", says organizers of the "Elo" They do not sell any of the data users to third parties, and depends on the site to get the funding to put additional benefits paid. 

With the adoption of the work of many technology companies to collect data users 'personal, seen by some of the allegations "Ello" - it does not collect users' data - into Alchukk and suspicion, they may not sell the data to third parties, but share in some cases for reasons of legal, she said. 

And whether they were able to survive financially without ads, say organizers of the "Ello" on its website, "We do not want to judge the world," he said, referring to the "Facebook". 

In recent times, there have been many social networks that promotes itself with the merits of different, such as "Global Sher" GlobAllShare which organizers say it is characterized by all of the other social networking sites that it does not impose any restrictions on its users. 

It also launched earlier in the month of September / September this new social network, bearing the name "Ntorpolitan" Netropolitan, and features from the other as only for the rich, where should wishing to join them to pay the amount of $ 9,000.


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