Facebook launches property "counter Views" video clips on its

facebook,counter Views

Facebook,counter views

It seems that the social networking site Facebook has become more like a platform video and probably will compete with YouTube in the near future, at least this is what refers to recent figures which confirm that the number of views videos on the site tied billion views per day and is prompting the company to launch a counter to the views during this week .

"counter Views",facebook

And was Facebook had begun some time ago to do a series of improvements to its location, and are thus give a picture as close to the users, and the site, this time he wants to focus primarily on the area of ​​video, especially with the publication of new figures indicate that the number of views videos on the site rose Ceuta 50 percent between the months of May to June, bringing to a billion views a day.

And earlier included FACEBOOK property autoplay read Automator for videos, but this time proposing a property "counter Views" to see how many views each video and gives the user precise statistics, the property will appear on the videos published on the home page and will be launched during this week to be circulated gradually to all users of the site.


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