First version of the device 'iPhone 6' features an amazing

iPhone 6 features an amazing

'iPhone 6' features an amazing

A few hours before that reveals Apple-American for her new "iPhone 6" all the details of the technical and programmatic and structural publicly revealed blogger Chinese iPhone 6 on the website "Weibo" Chinese competitor to Twitter, "Roy Ki", noting that this version is the same as that displayed by the company this evening at a large conference for the detection of the most important products.
According to the revelations, the phone comes accurately anticipated and shocking clarity of 1334 × 750 pixel density of 326ppi, dual-core processor provider "er 8" frequency of 1.4 GHz, and the capacity of 1 GB of RAM, and a battery capacity of 2915 mAh.
As for the rear camera are precisely 8 megapixels, capable of producing images accurately (2448 × 3264) pixels, with flash mono "L E D", and the front camera accurately 1.3 megapixels produces images Sylvie precisely 960 × 1280 pixels, reportedly in the Independent newspaper British on its website.

Not only did the lane at this point, but also pointed out that the weight of the phone is 129 grams and it would be almost water-resistant and dust, pointing out that there is a version of the phone internal storage capacity of up to 128 GB.

It leaks confirmed other phone comes in two editions, one-screen display measuring 4.7 inches, and the other version 5.5 inch diameter screen under the title "iPhone 6 Plus", will be available in color and three black and white and gold.
According to the newspaper "The Wall Street Journal," the American company planned to "Apple" for the use of synthetic sapphire in improving resistance screens new models of phones, "iPhone", and therefore invested in recent months about $ 700 million in the development of this article.

The newspaper pointed out that the first screens made ​​of synthetic sapphire for smart phones, watches produced by the company will go end of this month from a factory located in the state of Arizona, the southwestern United States, in a project implemented by the (Apple) with the company "GT of modern technology."

It is noteworthy that this material is stronger than glass, which is currently being used in smart phones, and use the "Apple" to cover the camera lens.

It is known, that the only obstacle to the production of synthetic sapphire is the price, because it is more expensive than glass, which will raise the cost of screen "iPhone" of three dollars currently to 16 max.

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