Four useful services from Google you should try it

useful services from Google,Google sky,Google trends,Google ngram

We all recognize the company for its services Google distinctive and useful it is us who have not benefited from services such as translation and well-known search engine in the famous so we will look to the four tools from Google you should take advantage of them are very useful tools and you need to experiment and to you these tools:

1-Google fonts:
Google fonts

Is a very useful tool for designers as give you more than 500 professional line and needs to experience a special fan design.

2-Google sky:

Google sky,NASA

Is a very useful tool through which you can discover the galaxy and can also identify the planets and this is the tool with the help of NASA.

Is a tool you really need to experience and its mission is to give you statistics about the words you are looking for in the Google search engine and can learn the words you are looking for at this time or any time and also learn the word how many times that has been searched for and give you the topics most interested.

Google ngram

Is a tool that can be utilized by searching for words in the books if you want to know how many times a particular word mentioned in the books is not just access to this service gives you where km passed the word mentioned in the books and also gives statistics on the floor.


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