How to create games without smart phones that you are familiar with the world of programming

How to create games without smart phones that you are familiar with the world of programming

Shop Google Play crowded applications of different games and miscellaneous games large and complex even simple games and small size and requirements, and perhaps the latter is known success Mhola in recent years, breaking the major gaming hacks and very sophisticated, for example game flappy bird that must and that they have heard about it before, of course, the game has been successful Mhola despite primitive design, but the idea won the admiration of millions of lovers from different parts of the world, outnumbered Thmaladtha the 50 million download, and became the yield on its owner (Dong Nguyen) millions of dollars, since the various sources of income for developers of such games is reflected in the regular ads and pop-up ads to add customized.

So, if you are interested in manufacturing your own game on the Android system does not know the way to it, only to spend months or years in the field of programming games, Fsntaraf on some programs that are established for this purpose, ie, in order to create games ideal for the Android system by providing an important set of additions and tools that let you create your own game without prior knowledge of the field and the secrets of the world of programming, as it can make money through the use of different ways and a variety of them and sell games that Tsnaha.ovi what are some of these programs and the best, so let us know on the most important characteristics and the things offered by us.

Start with God's blessing the program the most prevalent and popular in the gaming industry for Android, providing a set of tools and characteristics that enable you to specify figures for the game and its fundamentals, so you will not need to know programming languages ​​and Okoadha diverse, since all that is required you; idea or possession of the game and "fine-tuning" some basic skills to deal with the program specialist and professional.
Of the characteristics of the program as well as supplied to the platform tested, after you finish a particular event of the game after you add the figures, colors, writings and paths to move ... etc. You can experience all of these things by pressing the Test Scene and upon completion of the full game you can try through test game, but it is characteristic of the best things of the game it is not limited to the creation of games for Android only, but for the iPhone or Flash Web and Google Chrome and other ...
#GameSalad Creator

If you love speed and you have no time to lose in the complexities of the first program; here's the fastest factory for games in the world, and that from which you can manufacture your own game for Android in record time, as it allows you more freedom in the addendum and amendment and modulated in a very smooth fit and your own mental game, you can also manufacture the games system iOS and HTML5 and the games that work on almost all smart phones, and to add SOFTWARE like its predecessor in terms of the experience of the game after the end of their design.

Of the most important software that allows you the possibility of making your games on various systems virtually, including games web (HTML5) office systems Kuindwz and Linux systems, smartphones Kondroad and iOS and Windows Phone, Games browsers Kgugl Chrome and Firefox, in addition to gaming devices and location "Facebook "and many more ... 
The program is available on a very strong platform for the production of the 2D games with realistic physics effects and Motherat different visual allows you to create a game very stable and integrated features, the program is also available on the communicative community for support in order to hone your skills in the use of the basics of the program. 
All the above programs through which you can "creativity" beautiful and entertaining games, Bladhafah to win money for their way.


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