Microsoft officially unveils Windows 10

Microsoft,Windows 10.2015

Microsoft officially unveils Windows 10,Windows 10

Supplanted Microsoft Corp. officially unveiled the new version of the operating system computers hers, and Windows, a version of which was launched by the name of "Windows 10" , with the slogan "family of products is one, and one operating system, and one store." 

Said Terry Myerson, vice president in charge of Microsoft's operating systems in a press conference that the new system is more holistic systems company at all, and the most appropriate for the work, calling it the system that provides the appropriate user experience on the device at the right time. 

The system will be running "Windows 10" new convenient to work with different operating platforms, both laptops and desktops, tablets, or smart phones of various measurement screens, or Xbox gaming platform. 

Myerson explained that the system "Windows 10" will have one store helps users to work on any application they buy it from him, and that on any of the various devices operating system. 

And will include the operating system as well as the traditional taskbar, in addition to the Start menu, a menu that will allow users to install the traditional options such as icons to run critical applications for easy access. 

Besides the traditional options in the Start menu, Microsoft has had to integrate and interface boxes that appeared with "Windows 8" in the list, with the possibility of providing full user control the size of that interface. 

And Microsoft as well as improved search options via the Start menu, where it was possible to search online through their search box, and get the search results within the same menu. 

This, and Microsoft has added a new button to the system, named Task View, makes it easier to navigate between windows and applications working, which is the button that the company confirmed that enhances the advantages of multi-tasking in the system "Windows 10." 

Microsoft has allocated many improvements in the system "Windows 10" to ensure ease of working on more than one application, where the user can now easily split screen to run the application and call another without having to close or temporary concealment of any of them. 

On his part, said Joey Belfora, vice president for Microsoft Windows, the system "Windows 10" will ensure a comfortable transition to the part of the users of the system "Windows 7", a version which has the largest proportion of users between versions of Windows systems. 

He Belfora, during the press conference for his company said on Tuesday that users of the system "Windows 7" they be accustomed too on the new system, and that system "Windows 10" has the best features of "Windows 7" and features "Windows 8." 

He promised to vice president of Microsoft for Windows users of the latest versions of "Windows 7", especially those who own devices computers-panel touch familiarize yourself as well as easily on the "Windows 10", stressing that it supports these devices and offers multiple benefits to them, and also supports devices hybrids. 

He explained that the system Belfora "Windows 10" will include a feature makes it easier for the user to switch between the two modes tablet computer and laptop, and that such property will make use of any of the situations more smoothly. 

It features the old Windows systems that have received improvements in the system "Windows 10" new is the property of the command prompt command prompt, where he became a user can use the feature to copy and paste across my command Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V in the window of the router instead of having to type in commands entire each line. 

It is noteworthy that Microsoft intends to launch a program Insider Program, which helps users to get experience for Windows 10 before putting it officially starting tomorrow, as the company expects to launch the final version of the system during the next mid-2015.

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