Samsung confirms: "gap" in phones Galaxy Note 4 is not manufacturing defect

Samsung,Galaxy Note 4,manufacturing defect

Samsung confirms: "gap" in phones Galaxy Note 4 is not manufacturing defect,Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has made ​​it clear that the gap between the exoskeleton and the screen in her copy of the new tablet, "Galaxy Note 4", not as a manufacturing defect. 

Samsung and pointed to the importance of the existence of that gap when manufacturing the phones, "Galaxy Note 4" tablet, and guide it through the use of which was published on its official website. 

The company said in the last pages of the telephone directory to use the new "will show a small gap around the outside of the device, and this gap is a feature necessary for the manufacture of some of the properties." 

The users in South Korea and China have published photographs illustrate the gap in the new versions, which they had obtained from the phone "Galaxy Note 4", has been described that gap defect in manufacturing. 

And widen that gap current size to accommodate part of the paper the same thickness measurement of printing paper A4, but it may widen with use. 

Samsung confirmed, in a directory to use, that are subject to this gap widening to a larger area than it is with the passage of time, due to the use and friction factors that may be exposed during use her phone. 

It is noteworthy that Samsung had begun to ask her new Tablet markets in South Korea and China a few days ago, before it proceeds to put the phone in the rest of the global markets during the month of October.


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