Sumo paint Site program like Photoshop

Sumo paint,sumo

Sumo Site program,Photoshop

Often we would like the work of a simple design for the cover of Facebook or for another purpose, the thing that when we need to design programs Photoshop or Gamb and many others ... but with the multiplicity of design applications directly in the web and that we talked to a large number of them previously may not need to download these programs huge , the thing that earns us the time and effort together, however, some people can not dispense with office software Kalfotoshob and that the nature of the environment default and get a feel for design practice his tools of various and multiple, where you will learn about in this post on the application of modified directly on the Web is very different from the rest of the applications that we talked to earlier.

sumopaint, Photoshop

Sumo Web application Taker spread between amateur design applications on the net, is available on the simulated work environment -tgariba- to work with Photoshop, is available as a set of tools similar to the tools and Alffucob that I liked personally and I felt it best to modify the application on the net.
Williams is making the application support for a range of international languages​​, including Arabic and, as Amemknk change the language of the application of your choice.
The application is also available on the front of a very nice system belonging to the Mac Os, the thing that makes it work on the design more convenient.

Sumo Site

Application you can upload images from your computer or via the Web addresses of the link also allows you to work at the end of Hvdah on your computer or on a cloud service. 
Filters and effects similar to its existing effects Photoshop, and like the rest of the web applications, this application lets you work through keyboard shortcuts or work by pressing the right mouse button, as if you're in a Almthbh programs on your computer.

Sumo paint,Photoshop

And for reference only feature the 3 D must work out at the level of computers is very good as it may affect the spasm browser. 

Finally, and do not forget our special design and that the total effects of existing tools and sufficient to produce a stylish design and attractive


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