yes! Facebook spying on SMS messages in your phone

facebook,spying on SMS messages

yes! Facebook spying on SMS messages in your phone

If you're wondering why when Taatbeth Facebook application, it asks you to give a lot of powers in the Android phone, the same poses this question by many of the users of this application. Especially that the authority to permit the application of conquering the SMS text messages and still had some suspicious thing.

Of course we all know that Facebook needs to validity of access to Chimera in order to take pictures and send them to friends, also needs to get to the GPS in order to determine the place as well as access to the microphone for recording voice messages as well as access to contacts in order to contact or send invitations friendship of friends through their numbers of telephone ... but McCann enters the doubt in the minds of the users to apply Facebook messanger is read SMS messages, where the Vsepok recently launched an explanation through Mancherth help page Why is the Messenger app requesting permission to access features on my Android phone or tablet? . 

Facebook where I explained that the application asks you to access the SMS text messages because the application needs to send the activation code to the phone number that you added in your Facebook messanger. This is why Facebook needs to get to the tray SMS for activation. 

Hakagueta this justification may be unconvincing for many, has been considered by some to denigrate intelligently as long as users send messages to confirm that the phone number has nothing to do with spying on FaceBook tray SMS! This would prefer not to use this application and sufficiency surfing through Facebook application for Android devices without Taatbeth Facebook Facebook Messenger. 

This Maevsr is forcing users of Android devices to use this application in mobile, as you will note it can not chat on your phone Android only after Taatbeth this application in order to collect the largest number of information and sell it to advertisers or provided to others, God alone knows what they want to do with this information.


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