"Evernote" announces significant updates in the application of its own observations

Evernote,Phil shows

Evernote,Phil shows

Company announced "Evernote" application developed for recording observations famous for smartphones, for updates on the big application, in a special conference held by the company for the detection of RCI. 

The Executive Director of the company, "Phil shows" during the conference, a group of new products and enhancements to the web version of the application, and a new feature to create presentations in addition to new applications. 

The feature allows presentations of new features facilitate the work of segments "PowerPoint", where "The Aavernot" button creates a special presentations automatically depending on the user feedback. 

The user can select the required intervals between the texts of the notes, which wants to convert it into slices, and supports this slide presentation on the different measurements of the screen. The user can easily switch between the status of the slide show and display the status of the traditional notes. The slides can be created from a single note or group of notes, and this feature is available on both the desktop and smart phone applications. And will be launched this feature in November next. 

Starting today, throwing "Evernote" entirely new Web application is designed to provide greater comfort while writing notes by removing all the icons and buttons to prevent jamming as soon as the user starts typing, where formatting options disappear and appear only when the user needs it. 

The company also announced two new two applications, the first is Scannable which allows discrimination scan documents without even having to press a button to capture the image and the lifting of the documents automatically to the application of "Aavernot." The second application is the Penultimate 6.0, which is a new version of the application Jot stylus which allows to write directly on the screen via a special pen. 

In addition to the features the user's normal, the company has introduced a range of special features their customers of the companies, such as feature allows Show summary of all observations different company, and a feature that showcases the personal files of "Linked" and that the people who are mentioned within the notes whether they are within the same company or from outside the company. In addition to a number of other features. 

Special Features mentions that companies will be available starting from November next.


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