How do you make firefox supports the HTML5 YouTube videos to run at full quality

firefox,YouTube,HTML, HTML5 YouTube videos

firefox,YouTube,HTML, HTML5 YouTube videos

If you're a Firefox browser must you may encounter some problems in the operation of the qualities high for some tapes These are problems in cramping sometimes or not the operation of the video, this problem is often caused by lack of support for other versions of the browser for some technology of HTML5 which cause some of these problems .. but in this post you will learn about ways to support this Altknlogiat that Firefox is still not supported by default in the latest versions.

To make the browser supports these properties must follow these steps:
Run Media Source Extensions and MSE & WebM VP9 

First we go to the settings page via this link enter about: config and then you search for media.mediasource.enabled then press it twice to become the box Valeu value of "true"

As the previous step, enter a page about: config and then pressing the right mouse button and then We choose New Boolean

After that we name preference media.mediasource.ignore_codecs then make its value "true" and so may be you run these elements.

A. If you are using Adobe Flash Player and actuation with you without spasm and well you do not need to run the HTML5.

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