Learn the number of years that may be operated by computer

the number of years that may be operated by computer

 the number of years that may be operated by computer

Computer that device, which is an indispensable, there are those used for entertainment, and there are those who used to work, the computer is a mix between hardware and Alsowicuerolhma the last period of life, was intended duration of the life of the computer not only crashes cut hardware, but also when the computer is unable to New running operating systems and software / games.

Companies programmed for programs in each version may add new features and other functions of the program calls with technical specifications especially to run, as is the case as well as for electronic games in each new version requires settings and specifications of a new computer this specification if were not present, becomes the computer is unable to keep pace with this development Kmthela when we say that computers Pentium 4 is now capable of running Windows 7 or Windows 8, these computers have expired life must change. 

As the duration of the life of a computer is not a hostage only Balsovrudolf but also hardware, for example, the battery in the laptop computers they also have a life span has lengthened or shortened depending on how you use him, but on the whole, the battery life expires completely after two years or four years at the latest estimate by using computer, Mac and reverse battery, which can last 5 years. 

The hard disk has up his tenure to more than 4 years if the work 24/24 7/7 Aimam given an overall duration of life for a disk drive. As for RAM, it remains hostage to the extent of the evolution of software and operating systems where you might end up when she becomes a chore and you change one larger capacity and greater frequency speed when they become operating systems, programs and games require you to do so.


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