Questions and answers on Windows 10

windows 10,Questions and answers on Windows 10,Microsoft ,Why the new name for Windows 10

windows 10,Questions and answers on Windows 10

1. Why the new name for Windows 10?
All of us were surprised by the new name. After Windows 8, was expected to announce that the company's Windows 9 Instead, they decided to choose Windows 10 and exceeded the number 9 Why? According to Microsoft, the "new version of Windows is completely different so that does not make sense to move from Windows 8 to Windows 9."

2.But why Windows 10?
It is no secret that Windows 8 did not reach the aspired to Microsoft did not succeed as she wanted .soa among home users and corporate environments and Windows 8 did not achieve the desired results. Some statistics today confirm that Windows 8 (along with 8.1) Istahud only 12.26% in the market for operating systems, while Windows 7 is still progressing share of 52.71%. Even Windows XP still  at 23.87%.

3. What is the main change?
The big change in Windows 8, looks like a perfectly clear shift in the system and the new Windows 10: Instead of using a single system with a common interface for all users, now you have one system adapts to the type of device you are using . Users of desktop or laptop computer they can now enjoy the desktop with the return of the Start menu, while the tablet or phone can be used to interface with the Metro display boxes organisms.

4.yes and then what?
The most important thing revealed by Microsoft for this system is the default multiple offices, and some changes in the jobs that the company did not reveal further details about them. We know of course that in the presentation of Windows 10, Microsoft insisted that shows some specific features for businesses.

5.What is required to run Windows 10?
(Director of Communications at Microsoft) said on Twitter that the specifications will be the same as in Windows 8, 1 GHz processor 0.1 or 2 GB of RAM (depending on the type of system 32 or 64 bit) 0.16 or 20 GB per disc (the same, depends on the type of system 32 or 64 bit) and DirectX 9.


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