"Samsung" plans to produce processors phones "iPhone"



Company intends "Samsung" producing the next generation of processors used by the rival "Apple" in smart phones, "iPhone", where it will be used for the company's manufacturing process technology under the 14 nm technology "FinFet" three-dimensional own.

It is said that the processor next, which is expected to carry the name "A9", will be more energy efficient by 35 percent, the fastest rate of 20 percent, and the smallest 15 percent, compared with processors "ATI 8" present in the phone "iPhone 6" and made ​​technology 20 nm, compared with processors "Xsenoz 5 Oocta 5433" used in the new phone Tablet "Galaxy Note 4."

The company "Apple" and signed a contract with "the company's Taiwanese semiconductor" TSMC to undertake the task of mass production of the processors "ATI 8", but the "Samsung" has also produced part of the processors that operate the phones, "iPhone 6" and "iPhone 6 Plus" new .

According to some industry sources, the company holds the TSMC task of producing nearly 70 percent of full production, while the "Samsung" the production of the remaining stake.

And seeks the "Apple" to dispense with the rival "Samsung" in the task of manufacturing its processors, but the latter have many beauties that make them better than the company TSMC and other companies manufacture chipsets.

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