These places offer an internet connection via Wi-Fi is free in the world

Wi-Fi ,Wi-Fi is free in the world

Wi-Fi is free in the world

Restaurants, shops and hotels, is one of the places that offer points Wi-Fi usually. 
But today 
We'll tour the rare sites where you can access the Internet through Wi-Fi connection points. 
And these places are:


Virgin Atlantic is planning to open a hotel in space through its vessel small space, "SpaceShipOne 2" for the rotation around the Earth. Of course, had previously indicated that the hotel will provide free Wi-Fi for guests of the astronauts, so you can download and idolatress image Sylvie background with the planet on Facebook.

North Pole

In 2005, Intel has installed Wi-Fi hotspot in the camp ice Barneo, which is located 80 km from the North Pole, it must surely be one of the focal points WiFi least used in the world, not only because it is an uninhabited area, but also because it It's hard not freeze your fingers when you try to write the password to gain access to the network.

The highest mountain in the world

Where do you think that there is a Wi-Fi connection in the highest peaks in the world? Yes is the one place that you think about it now, the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Specifically no point of contact free Wi-Fi in the camp at the base of this place, which rises 5 kilometers from the sea level. A basic Internet connection here where you can certainly save lives during an emergency, or also ideal for post Sylvie on social networks of the highest peak in the world. So if I was able to orbit me Lake and comments and Cher.

Oak Grove Cemetery Kentucky

There is also Wi-Fi in the dark places that you can imagine, for example, in a cemetery in Oak Grove, Kentucky. So you can take your gadgets to the grave, but I do not know if the Wi-Fi signal may be up to 5 feet under the ground ... but not for this purpose has been to provide a network connection in this strange place, but the graves in this cemetery with Bocuad QR. The goal is to enable visitors to the cemetery scan QR Code through their mobile phones, so that they can learn more details of who was buried there, new technologies know no bounds, even in cemeteries!

Rural areas in Turkey

Out in "loUaars" more fun as not imagine any maniac, is the small town of Sarohan in Turkey only for a few years been connected to the electricity to it, but, among the mango trees looming now high tower sixty feet, and offers free Wi-Fi to all the people who are in the realms of this town.

Entire cities covered by Wi-Fi

Like anything, when you do the first time it seems strange then becomes essential and customary. For example, in 2002, was the city of Bryant Park, New York is the first in the world to have a complete coverage of Wi-Fi, allowing New Yorkers to work on their computers as offices outside portable buildings. Today we see that some of the cities as well as you do so, such as Moscow, which is the first city to turn the phone boxes are old and obsolete points connected to Wi-Fi, and now followed by London and Amsterdam, among others. New York is preparing to transform the old cabins 7000 to provide Wi-Fi to visitors now.

Eurostar train

Eurostar train through the Eurotunnel offers Wi-Fi even inside the tunnel itself.


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