Video Games Inc. "Nintendo" provides device control sleep and stress



Japanese video game company "Nintendo" intends to develop a device to help users measure the level of stress in the organization of the nervous sleep, according to the company's Executive Chairman Satoru Iwata said on Thursday. 

And will develop the device, which is the first newly Health Care Department of products of origin and the for "Nintendo", in the United States in cooperation with the company "ResMed" which is currently working on the manufacture of treatment of sleep disorders products, this will be available device by the end of the fiscal year, which ends in March / March 2016. 

He Aouatta "Using our knowledge of how sleep and stress analysis of nervous to play, we can create something fun." 

She said, "Nintendo", developer of the game's famous video "Mario" and gaming platform "Wii", it expects to begin to make profit from the new health care department during the years 2015 and 2016. The company offers already fitness games on the platform "Wii", play through the movement sensor own. 

According to the picture that shared Aouatta during a medical conference, the upcoming device will come a palm-size and can be placed on the nightstand beside the bed. The device will use sensors to monitor the transfer of Moggi sleep, and with the data that is collected, users can use it to get a sound sleep habits.


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