Way to find the missing Android devices

Android Device Manager

Way to find the missing Android devices

The user may lose his computer system, Android, or it may steal this device, which makes it confused to know where is the apparatus to be able to access it and restore it, but this is Google Inc., dedicated service called Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager allows service; of the application is installed on the user's computer system, Android, and Web site on the Internet, that the user know the whereabouts of his machine easily across the map service site shows the place where the device at the last moment, use the Internet connection. 

It works feature must activate their own choices from within the Android Device Manager application after it is installed, and the most important of your choice to locate the device remotely, to be able to service in the event of the loss of the device in the future to know his whereabouts and telling the user that, in addition to the possibility of making images ringing in case device missing nearby on the user and other important features.


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