"Windows Phone 8.1" constitutes about 40 percent of the hardware system "Windows Phone"

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"Windows Phone 8.1" constitutes about 40 percent of the hardware system "Windows Phone"

Figures showed unofficially that version 8.1 of the operating system "Windows Phone", and after about two months of its launch, it has become a market share of about 40 percent of the smartphone operating this system, which indicates that he is doing well compared to other systems, such as "Android.

After about a year of its launch, is still version 4.4  system "Android" is only about 25 percent of the total devices operating running of the company "Google", on the contrary, the percentage of devices operating system "iOS 8 "new" Apple "the 50 percent, and after about a week, and only one of its launch. 

According to the company, "AdDuplex" , constitutes a system of "Windows Phone 8.1" now accounted for 39.1 percent of the total smartphone operating running of the company "Microsoft", while the system is "Windows Phone 8" about 45.7 percent, while the versions of "Windows Phone 7 ", what still acquires 15.2 percent. 

The company expects "Ad Duplex" to exceed the system "Windows Phone 8.1" predecessor "Windows Phone 8" during the month of October / October. This data indicated that the telephone company to company "Nokia" is still the most widely used system "Windows Phone", and a special phone "Lumia 520". 

Officially, the company said "Microsoft" The system "Windows Phone 8.1" became more versions of the operating system "Windows Phone" Downloads for applications during the month of September / September last year. 

They noted the company also noted that customers who use the system "Windows Phone 8.1" representing 70 percent of the downloads store "Windows Store", noting that this does not negate the multitude of devices operating the older versions of this system.

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