Your translator on the same page with the latest additions Google Translate

Google Translate,Google chrome

Google Translate,Google chrome

Google launched a new addition to their browser (Google Chrome), where it became possible to translate the text in a web page in an easy way without necessarily moving to a site where Google Translate designed to facilitate the translation process for users. 

This addition will enrich the user each time the transition between page located where the text to be translated between Page and Google Translate, where the user will be able to translate what he wants all of the texts by selecting a word or phrase and then click on the right mouse button and choose the property until Google Translate translation results show him on the same page. 

And Google announced on her blog that users are conducting the process of translating billion a day, and is prompting the company to carry out these improvements in order to help users overcome the language barrier and an easy way to do the translation. 

Addition of new shop available on Google Chrome.


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