5 helpful tools in YouTube

youtube,helpful tools in YouTube

5 helpful tools in YouTube

YouTube is a real and important than, interesting source of useful information, and entertaining as well. There you can find all the video you're looking for types. This platform adds daily thousandth of video clips from all languages and all fields. So I present you in this article some useful tools and uses this site to be familiar with them.

Observations and disable ads

Sometimes when you run a video clip on YouTube showing you many of the small pop-up ads, which invites the owner of the video from which to visit the location, or a visit to another video clip him ... etc. In fact, this is very annoying to the point that you are unable to watch the video. Some users exploit unfortunately very badly this feature. But fortunately YouTube allow you to disable this feature in all video clips published on this platform.
To disable this feature click on the image in the upper right corner of YouTube, and then in the list, click on (YouTube). In the Settings page settings, choose "Playback" section and uncheck "Show annotations, channel promotions and interactive cards option on videos".

Caching for the entire video

The default video player in YouTube stores about thirty seconds of video, then stop loading especially slow when contact owners and this may lead to the inability to view the video in full without interruption. So you can now use this addendum, which will help in solving the problems of chipping on YouTube and make the best viewing by adjusting the settings depending on what you want greater control and viewing on YouTube.

Display slow for video

On YouTube you can find tutorials on almost any subject you're looking for from nuclear physics to mathematics and other sciences. Many of these sections you can watch the show slow, so do not miss the details. There is also a reverse option, when you need to view the video at an accelerated pace. All this you can piloted by clicking on the settings icon in the video clip and choose the display speed.

Automatic Video Replay

There are plenty of times that you want the video to repeat indefinitely on YouTube and as we know, this feature is not provided by YouTube officially, and many of us are forced to use some additions to do so. But if you do not like a lot of plugins installed on your browser, you can use listenonrepeat.com site to do the job, you can as well as the word "youtube" compensation on a link to the video clip "listenonrepeat" to be referred directly to the service site.



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