Google unveils smart electronic spoon

Google, smart electronic spoon

Google, smart electronic spoon

Google is not only a world of digital giants and competent company in the search engines, and it also is a leading company in the research and development of solutions in all areas of the community, and what is referred to more than once executive director and one of the founders of Google "Larry Page" and is also highlighted what Google's involvement in the development of devices in the field of health.

Google finally announced the smart electronic spoon and anti-jerk is voluntary and Parkinson's disease, which is caused by, and is the thing that will reduce the problems with regard to eating, note that the disease makes a person is unable to control his movements.

Although the new smart electronic spoon does not provide a panacea for patients with Parkinson's but at least it will help them to eat their food without dropping because of the intensity of tremors, and this device works is simple principle is to monitor the level of vibrations of the hand by a sensor built and is what will give the spoon possibility Coyote is adjusted to keep the food in the spoon without falling to the ground.

The new technology developed by Google after its acquisition earlier in the laboratory "Lift Lab" and will be available on the market for $ 295.


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