How to read the codes that exist on the Ram professional manner

How to read the codes that exist on the Ram, Ram,DDR1 ,DDR2 ,DDR3, 2Rx8,1Rx8,

How to read the codes that exist on the Ram professional manner

Html in Ram not written haphazardly, of course, an amateur person will not be able to read and understand these codes, but in contrast,their presence is essential for any professional in order to determine the quality and efficiency of Ram, and that it will work in his computer first. In this new lesson, dear reader, I will teach you how to read these codes, and what it means to each code alone.

As you see me in this picture (you can click on them to enlarge) Fram this computer starts from left to right with 4GB of course this figure and as everyone knows is the ram capacity of any size. It starts from 128K and limits to 32 GB depending on the type of Ram (DDR1 DDR2 DDR3).

For the second code 2Rx8: This code means Ram type or method of distribution of these Ram in the card, it means that in this Ram chips found on the shores front and rear and reversible when you find 1Rx8 code, which means that the chip found in the West one. What I mean by the West, namely that the Ram in this picture, we will find other chips from the second side. (Chipset is a black those models which appear in A-Ram, which is responsible for the data) is stored.

Question: Can you confuse Ram 2Rx8 and 1Rx8 any ride of Ram and Ram 2Rx8 of 1Rx8 type in the type of computer?

Answer: No my friend, when the two will be installed  (2Rx8 and 1Rx8) may begin to show in the Windows blue screen and this is a common problem when mixing two different types of RAM. Of course you may be lucky and will not appear on any mistakes level windows when mixed.

For the third code PC3-10600: This code is a model of this type of Ram, as well as speed. This code makes you determine whether Ram that between your hands fast data transfer and symbolized by b MT / S or not! Aftava does not matter that only a large capacity Ram. But also must be large data transfer speed, with compatibility with the motherboard in the computer. Of course if I bought a ram more quickly than what is supported by the computer will not operate.

Of course, this code is different from Ramallah to the other as it can not be different from these classifications:

For DDR1 Ram of the type he starts from CODE: PC-1600 and code to PC-3200
For Ram type of DDR2 It starts from CODE: PC-3200 and code to PC-8500
For Ram of DDR3 type it starts from CODE: PC-6400 and code to PC-10600


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