HP offers a new computer without a mouse and keyboard!

HP,HP offers a new computer without a mouse and keyboard!

HP offers a new computer without a mouse and keyboard!

The Board of technology there is always new every day, and ideas turn into reality visible with our own hands, some of the setups of course be unique from the other and unexpectedly from the rest of what we see on a daily basis in the Bible, the field of computers, for example, we have all seen how the evolution of the computer since his first appearance in history and how it was computers sizes then and how it moved from these huge sizes to computers possible use in homes and offices and over to what we see today, computers with powerful specifications and all species and varieties, but it seems that it did not just stop here, but cleared other ideas, most recently announced by HP.

HP is able to stir the attention of users freaks technology and went a step further in the field of computers, desktop, and example of this last its computers called Sprout, which is a computer without an external keyboard and computer mouse is not the sense of "tablet" but a new type of hybrid devices that may be the beginning of a revolution in the field of desktop computers in the future.

The main difference between this device with other computers is a full keyboard and a external mouse which has been compensated touch screen diameter of 23 inches, a special panel also supports touch, this addition as well as to an item Thalt called HO Illuminator, equipped with lamps, LED as well as three cameras, two absence including 3D technology works in the real sense in addition to high-precision with 14 MP camera and display device with 1024 × 767 pixels. This projector cameras and works perfectly with the special touch-panel and has a capacity of up to 20 points, and is connected to the computer via the USB port.

HP pc 2015

Thanks to the touchpad and the display you can interact with your computer in many ways, and that this surface may be a touch again or use the keyboard as a different screen interfaces. In addition to being supportive to the touch screen and thanks to the cameras at the top they become high-definition flat objects or tri-dimensional scanner. You can scan a book or a picture or scan a three-dimensional object to be ready in the program that you use on your computer.

The rest of the specifications for this strange computer are as follows: Processor: Intel Core I7 fourth generation, the screen card: 8 GB of RAM (expandable to 16 GB), hard disk: 1 Terra house. It also has everything you find in other computers as support Wi-Fi, card reader, webcam, and stereo speakers ... etc. It also comes Windows 8.1 system, and it appears that HP has worked with Microsoft, 3M, Intel, and Texas Instruments Inc. to create this hybrid computer. According to the site HP company there are some applications that have been specially adapted for this device. But it is clear that this could be one of the keys to the success or failure of this new concept of computers.

Sprout price is about $ 1,900 and is now for sale in the HP store in the United States, despite the fact that shipments will be from 7 November. Certainly, desktop computers, such as those in the market, seen as combining innovation and audacity with which it is desirable Ogelbita especially designers and developers, who are more than Sistvidn this computer that seems to be the rebirth of a new type of computer.


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