Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro might outperform the MacBook Air

Lenovo,Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro,Apple,MacBook Air

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro,MacBook Air

Raised new Lenovo device Yoga 3 Pro, which revealed last October the attention of users and fans of technology, especially with the great challenge that carry commercial advertising, which came on a formula compared sarcastic with one of the best portable Apple devices and most popular, namely the MacBook Air device.

We have proved the initial tests of the computer performance quality provided by, but not as expected from multi-tasking computer can fetch up to US $ 1300, where  battery does not exceed 6 hours, a figure that is not encouraging as compared with what they offer other computers of the same class, which usually bring battery life up to 8 hours at least, where the computer provides a MacBook Air battery life of up to about 12 hours.

The new device has a folding screen, a common feature of the devices of the famous Lenovo Yoga series, which can be folded screen of the device, which has an aperture of 13 inches by 360 degrees, turning the device into a Tablet PC. The device also has a large  and is based on Intel's new CPU combination of good performance and low energy consumption Core M processors that are designed to work on tablets and ultra-thin laptops, Introduction to do so. It is worth mentioning here that these processors can operate without the need for a cooling fan, which contributes to reduce the thickness and weight of computers.

The device has the same touch-screen to his predecessor Yoga 2 Pro, which came measuring 13.3 inches, and resolution 3200 × 1800 pixels, and the weight is very light does not exceed 1.18 kg, and a thickness of 13 millimeter, ahead of where the thinnest structure to peers of Yoga series, but on the computer Apple  famous MacBook Air.

And it has run a variety of applications, the device Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro high-speed Internet browsing and editing documents and run music and video, while decreased performance when you use a computer to play games and edit high-definition video files.

And received the keys of the computer keyboard in the same elegance enjoyed by computers Yoga including simple bend at the bottom of each key, which helps prevent unwanted clicks on the characters, and increases the accuracy of use.

In order to reduce the thickness of the computer, the buttons are flat and minimal plastic design, which may reflect on the quality of these buttons, though, Lenovo integrated background lighting of the keyboard, which is a welcome feature.

Lenovo has benefited from a thin rubber material covered by the keyboard, thereby providing the highest protection and a distinctive touch to the soft folding screen and operate the device in position tablet computer, but reduced it from His Excellency the device as revealed views of the initial users.

And supports the control panel indicator touch with two fingers, and the user needs to adjust its own settings before you get used to working on them, and keep the painting -aly-style paintings touch on computers and Andoz- not capable of providing the user with simple and spontaneous provided plates Touch computers operating system, Apple has started running OS X, and the mechanisms that support touch even four fingers.

In spite of the good accuracy offered by Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro that, but it is the accuracy is less than 4K, which many companies have begun to put to its computers phones over a year ago, however, the screen of the device remain distinct, where come viewing angle and wide, which is very important when feature  device operation based computer and tablet.

And outlets for computer, has been provided with USB 2.0 port allows trucking, and the agents of USB 3.0, and Micro-HDMI port allows connect with an external monitor via a special cable.

And come all the computer versions of the same processor and screen and memory of 8 GB of RAM, but it may vary the color of the structure and capacity of internal storage, with a price equipped version with a capacity of 256 GB is about $ 1,300, while the price of a copy of 512 up GB to $ 1,500.

Computer tests have shown low speed in the implementation of multiple tasks at once, to the extent that the initial tests proved his defeat by his predecessor Yoga 2 Pro in terms of processing speed when running certain applications, as is his performance has been disappointing compared with devices like the MacBook Air from Apple and Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft.

And Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is the first computer that uses Core M CPU processor, while his predecessor benefited from Intel Core processors i5, and may be the reason for the low performance of the device back to the integration of Lenovo's new processor in the apparatus, or to the same Intel processor, according to an expert way.

The competitive performance of the device when used to carry out a single task, such as video playback, or surfing the Internet, surpassing many laptops and hybrid operating processors "Pentium" or "Atom" from Intel.

In order to compare the battery life of your Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro with computers of its class, has been testing battery consumption through video playback, which withstood the device's battery for five hours and 46 minutes, while withstood Yoga 2 Pro battery for a period of seven hours and 28 minutes, while withstood MacBook Air battery Air measuring 13 inch for 16 hours and 26 minutes.

This has been conducting data processing speed image processing famous program "Photoshop" Test, where tests proved superiority of Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro on Yoga 2 Pro, while the decline in front of the computer models from other companies such as MacBook Air and Surface Pro 3.

The short life of the battery Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro of the biggest disadvantages, a problem that Lenovo must work in coordination with Intel and solved by adding software modifications or device to provide a battery with a larger capacity.

This video commercial advertising, which came on a formula compared satirical between the two devices:


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