"Microsoft" provides guidance for the headset to the visually impaired while roaming in the street

Microsoft,Windows Phone,headset

Microsoft,Windows Phone,headset

"Microsoft" developed ear headset can talk with the visually impaired to guide them during roaming in the cities.

The idea of the speaker, which was designed in collaboration with the "Future Cities Catapult" center and the organization "Guide Dogs" into British, from a company "Microsoft" employees.

The headset works with the operating system "Windows Phone" of the company, and use the navigation and positioning data with a network of information indicative of urban sites to describe the roads.

The British "Guide Dogs" charity, which helped in the development of the technology, these speakers may help improve the lives of many. Of the two million registered weak eyesight in the United Kingdom, the organization says 180,000 of them rarely go out into the street or never come out.

The earpiece this modified version of the one already available in the market used by cyclists, which is positioned in the front of the ear so as not to overwhelm the traffic and environmental noise.

Being of sound through the bones of the jaw to the headset to provide a series of verbal descriptions and non-verbal.

He said five of the eight people suffer from vision loss have tested the headset it gave a sense of a more secure and confident wearing it.

A spokesman for "Microsoft", "a lot of information that comes from the GPS positioning and maps described in the cloud system provides as much, if not more, than provided by lighthouses."


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