3 most powerful supercomputers in the world

most powerful supercomputers,Tianhe-2, Titan,Siquoia

 most powerful supercomputers,Tianhe-2, Titan,Siquoia
If you suspect that your computer has a processor of intel i7, and memory Random 12GB, is one of the most powerful computers in then you are wrong, actually is strong for computers on the market, but there are supercomputers comparable double fold to power your computer, of course, these computers are not for personal use, or even not for large companies, but are these computers a standard for the strength of the country in which, they are used in military matters, industrial or scientific nations in them, and of course the size than the size of your computer hundreds of times, and prices ranging from tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

1- Tianhe-2 (Milky Way2):

The strongest so far, developed by the Chinese National University of Defense Technology, with the support of the Chinese government, the government uses in industrial areas, and to detect earthquakes, and in matters of confidential government.
An area of 720 square meters, contains 32,000 Intel Ivy Bridge Xeon processor, and 48,000 Intel Xeon Phi processor, ie it contains the nucleus of 3.12 million, 33,86 petaFLOPs any performance 33.86 thousand trillion operations per second, and the memory of 1,357 TiB.

2- Titan:

Designed by Cray Inc., located in the National Laboratory in Oak Ridge in America, and is used in research and development in the climate and energy, physics and other areas.
Area of about 404 square meters, contains a 200 room or box, and about 18,688 AMD Opteron processor, graphics processor and Nvidia Tesla, which means that the number of processors is equal to the number of graphics processors, and supports these processors random 693,6 TiB memory.
Performance is estimated at 17,59 petaFLOPs, making it the second largest.


Designed by IBM for the management of the Nuclear Security States, then moved to Lawrence Livermore Labs, is now used in astronomical research, and climate, and the study of human genes.
An area of 280 square meters, with about 98,304 processor, each processor has 16 nucleus, and random memory allocated to each processor 16 GB DDR3, any total nucleated 1572864 and the total memory random 1,5 PiB.
Speed 17,17 PetaFLOPs.

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