Nano-pixel technology may equal the human eye accuracy


Nano-pixel technology may equal the human eye accuracy

There is no doubt that if you're a fan of gawkers and new science and technology had already heard someday techniques and high-precision nano-micro, capable of a radical change in all scientific fields, including technological field, which is currently considered the basis of other sciences. Through this simple research that you've done for a nano-technology applications, you can understand and comprehend the importance of this technology to change the features of the future of mankind.

Oxford University, was able crew of researchers a few months before the launch of the micro kernel technology capabilities for high-tech nano through them reaching for the manufacture of nano-pixels called the Nano-Pixel.

Nano-pixel technology

When we talk about "pixel", we mean the accuracy and quality of the pictures, which are all obsessed with researchers in technology, where they worked on the development of accurate images since the invention of the computer, but the answer is always going to be simply "this is not enough," has become the most smartphones accuracy currently 1080p and aspire to reach the accuracy 1440p, not to mention smart television screens and the 4k HD and FULL HD. But he noted that the constant company of his pixel dimensions can not be minimized, and is improving only is the order of the pixels in the image, it can not get what is the smallest of the pixels in the current devices.

The invention of nano-pixel light comes on the discovery of relationships linking the electrical properties properties optical (visual), where he was created nano-pixel one a few hundred nanometers space, and in the following photos for this technology picked up using an atomic force microscope, - 70 nm for pixel - and amazing is that the high-resolution images and very clear, although it is the same length (micrometer) 70um any smaller than the thickness of a human hair.

And still the team to continue its work to confirm that the pixels nano-technology can mimic pixels other electronic devices models, where he was able crew generate a wide range of colors including red, blue and green, enough thing to offer a complete picture of different colors, and it should be noted here that this technique is revolutionary in the world of technology, especially in terms of energy conservation, as it is, and unlike most screens display LCD, you do not need to update each pixel is down, but there will be updated in the ones that change the display image only, the thing that means that any offer based on this technology will have an energy consumption is very low, as one expert research says that this technology can be useful for smart glasses, screens transparent folding, and retinal artificial eye in a position to emulate even cells of the capabilities of the reception of light in the human eye.

The bottom line, which is no doubt that technology nano-pixel now become the focus of attention of the  corporate technological giant, private, and that the first trials of this technique demonstrated its amazing results, incapable of the human mind and graduating from the norm, to start this first core to achieve the dream of every amateur-Tec, a obtain similar accuracy and precision of the human eye.


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