Solution of the problem Windows known as the Samsung Galaxy phone

Solution the problem of Windows known as the Samsung Galaxy phone

Solution the problem of Windows Samsung Galaxy phone

Some users may suffer Samsung Galaxy phones from the problem of charging the phone via the computer, but it does not recognize the latter. 

This problem openly and I faced in Galaxy S 2 as well as the Galaxy Note phone 3 which is a famous problem, but the solution is not known, at least when the majority.

After a long search on the reasons for this problem, I can not find an adequate response, but in return I discovered that it could be a way to Solution the problem of lack of computer know on the phone, provided that the latter shipped across USB port.

Of course before proceeding to put the solution must first try to play Kies software on your computer the latter may be the result of a lack of definitions for the phone in the computer, and the software can be downloaded from here: Download Kies

If you have this step, however, your phone are not taken to identify it, in which case we will move to the second step which is to make sure USB port settings, for example, on Galaxy Note 3 write code
 # 0808 # * in order to access the settings for the USB Settings sure to check AP and MTP + ADB .

You this step and still the problem list? We will be trying this solution, which I think he will work with you.

 Turn off the phone and remove the battery and allow more than two hours without a battery and battery promising update Link phone with the computer, and I think that this solution will work 100% because it is the solution that you followed and already the phone came to be is defined again by computer.

 Of course if this solution does not work as well as must re-set the phone at the factory setting, if that does not work, then the problem is a problem Hardware must take when a technical.

Summary: This problem is well known in the Samsung Galaxy all publications problem, but often the problem is the problem of Software solution that works most of the time is the solution to remove the battery.

This solution works well with those who suffer from the problem of the emergence of a message that the phone in the car or put Docking Station. All these problems solved is to remove the battery and leave the phone more than two hours without a battery.

I hope that this solution may save you or save you if you are from users of Samsung phones

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