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Probably you are browsing the Internet or looking for a new laptop to buy, you see reviews about computers called Chromebook, it is possible that you like because of low prices compared with the rest of the hardware, but stop before you buy Do you know what is the Chromebook? And it is possible to buy and then get rid of him after two days? To find out the Chromebook follow me this blog.

What is a Chromebook?

Is a laptop running Chrome OS developed by Google, based on the Internet, without any Internet may not work on the computer, but some very simple actions.
Of his name can not understand the work of the mechanism of this system, it depends on the Chrome browser in many works such as music, games, documents ... etc.
In addition to some of the Google applications such as Youtube, Gmail, Google Maps, and of course you can download additional applications through the Chrome store.

Chromebook features:

1. The speed is very fast boot in 10 seconds or less.
2- Chrome OS system is very light, which gives power during operation of the device, and ease the problems at work.
3. The price of a small, ranging from $ 200 to $ 350.
4. good protection through antivirus from Google is in the device.
5. The biggest feature of the Chromebook, which is highly effective for simple businesses that require Internet or little ones that Internet such as surfing the Internet does not require, listen to music, video, and other things that do not need a computer with high specifications, Val Chromebook can do all of these things simply and speed.

Disadvantages of Chromebook:

1. heavy dependence on the Internet, but it is possible in the coming years that the performance of the Chromebook without Internet becomes similar to his performance with the Internet.
2. Non-availability of sufficient applications so far.
3. The device is unable to work that requires strong computer, for several reasons, including: system very light and weak compared with the rest of the systems, technical specifications are not high, the lack of applications as I mentioned earlier.
4. The technical specifications (such as processor speed) specifications like a mobile phone and some of the most powerful phones.

Chromebook devices now available from many companies such as HP, Toshiba, Acer, but think twice before you buy, device good only for simple work and it is impossible to support some of the things design, or programming, or the like.
If you use a computer only to surf the Internet and listen to songs and watch videos, and you have a good Internet I advise Pal Chromebook.


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