Travel in the year 2024 will be in the plane walls "transparent"

aircraft in 2024

aircraft in 2024

It is known that all the passengers in the aircraft they wish to sit near the window, and the reason is known. But a new invention for the company, "CBI" British, will come into use in 2024, threatens to change all this experience radically to make it bigger and wider and the coolest through futuristic aircraft walls suggest that they are transparent, and thus will be without windows .. everything is short!
Among the most important features of this aircraft in 2024:

- Big screens extended to all interior space practically replaced the windows.

- Screen panoramic view from outside the plane exposure with the help of sophisticated cameras.

- Internal display also includes information for the traveler, entertainment programs and the possibility of requesting the services available inside the plane.

- The lack of windows reduces the weight of the aircraft and provides space for the expansion of the seats and is positive for the environment than carbon dioxide in terms of greenhouse emissions.

Now looking at the official video for this wonderful invention:


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