Film The Interview become the most watched video on YouTube

news film The Interview

Film The Interview become the most watched video on YouTube

Became the film "The Interview" produced by Sony Corporation to first place on the list of YouTube's most popular video clips, and during the second day to put part of the Google video service.

The Sony has today announced the launch of a controversial film on several electronic display in the United States platforms, and in implementation of the promise of the film displays despite the threats received by the group of hackers claimed responsibility for a series of penetration, which was subjected to the company last month.

The available film "The Interview" to watch in the United States on YouTube where you can rent at a price of $ 5.99 or purchased at a price of $ 14.99, while it ranked first on the "most popular" on YouTube list, but the site does not display the number of times its own viewing.

The United States has sent a formal accusation of North Korea by standing behind a major breakthrough process suffered by Sony Corporation and led to the leakage of a series of films that have not been published yet, resulting in the pathogenesis of Sony losses estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars.

And threatened hacker group, which took over the operation, which is believed linked to North Korea Sony further reprisals if they decide to show the film, which tells the imaginary story of the assassination of North Korean leader "Kim Jong-un," but that the company made the decision a private viewing of the consent of both Google and Microsoft a screening of the film on the platforms.


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