Google Plus launches feature automatic improvement of the videos

Google Plus

Google Plus launches feature automatic improvement of the videos

Google unveiled a new feature to improve video clips uploaded on the social network, "Google Plus" automatically without user intervention.

He explained Tim Claire, software engineer network "Google Plus" feature that automatically work on the analysis of videos when you take them on the social network, and then you select the items that you need to improve and work on them.

Claire said, through his account on the "Google Plus" feature that improves lighting and color and increase the stability of the scene of video clips, as they soon will see a new addition to improving the sound as well.

And working with the new feature, users automatically when activating the "automatic optimization" option in Auto Enhance "Google Plus", which is available within the social network settings menu option.

Claire pointed out that "Google Plus" will give the user the possibility to improve alert their own video after lifting, and network users from the "Web" will get the video shows them the difference between their own section before and after optimization.

Software engineer and added that to improve any pre-uploaded video on the network must first be pressed and then click on the More button and choose the item Auto Enhance, and that users of Windows, Mac and Chrome systems, while users should network system Android application of pressure on the video and then press the Auto button Enhance from the menu that appears.

It is noteworthy that "automatic optimization" option allows beside improve new videos feature, feature to improve the images after the adjournment of the social network, an option that includes the possibility that enables users to easily bypass improvements and show what they're sharing the same quality of the original.


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