Song Gangam Style break the record for the number of views "YouTube"

Gangam Style,YouTube

Gangam Style ,YouTube

I broke song Gangam Style set a new record has never expect programmers "YouTube" network dedicated to sharing videos, where the count exceeded the maximum number Show song provided by the "YouTube" within the box views.

Network "YouTube" has announced the lifting of this figure the maximum after winning the famous video clip; Gangam Style, more than 2,147,483,647 Show, the highest number it is possible to network "YouTube" absorbed, due to its reliance on storage numbers method according to the 32-bit pattern.

And began to "YouTube" the adoption of store numbers within the field of 64-bit pattern, which will allow any video access to the new figure the maximum, which is 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 Show, the company has stated that the site The Verge as amended special format of the field to save views a few months ago to prepare for it .

It is noteworthy that the song Gangnam Style star and hip-hop artist Korea; Park Sang Gary, known as the "Psy", entered the Guinness World Records record in terms of the number of Likes and Views on the video sharing website "YouTube" two years ago.


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