Top 5 technology companies to work in 2016

Top technology companies

Top technology companies to work

Released site "Glassdoor" specialist its annual report on the world's best companies that can work during the year 2016, and the list includes 50 companies across the world and in all areas and the transfer for this listing arrangement Top 5 technology companies to work in the 2016 site "Mashable".

And is Glassdoor US locations can present and former major in the employees of the companies assess working conditions within these companies and without revealing their identities in the context of strict confidentiality, and thus site Glassdoor has become a huge and important data base.

Site Mashable has extracted a list of 5 best companies in the digital world in terms of health climate to work for their employees and the list came in the following form to provide:

1- Google:

Google ranked first in the list of the best technology companies to work in 2016, and it seems that the staff of the giant search engines are very satisfied with their work. And indicate what is his comments in this regard.

2- F5 Networks:

In second place, replace F5 Networks parent company, which was founded in Seattle in 1996, the US and specialized in marketing information network equipment.

3- Facebook:

This list were not never devoid of the first social networking site Facebook world, where the latter occupied the third rank among the best technology companies to work in 2016, where staff say that the big power granted to them by the administration to help them perform their name.

4- Qualcomm:

In the fourth US company Qualcomm dissolved and specialized in the field of communications systems are now considered as the first world leader in the production and design of smart phones processors.

5- Adobe:

In fifth place, replaced the Adobe Her famous "Photoshop" program, where staff refer to Adobe example of a company that is interested employees.


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