"Connected Paper" .. a new technique transmit information through the human body

Connected Paper

Connected Paper

Ericsson invented a new kind of paper, called it "Connected Paper", can be used in digital data storage for its content, whether it is business cards or product label.

Ericsson said on its website that "Connected Paper" makes it easy for an individual to access information about anything printed by touch.

The company explained that through touch "Connected Paper", recognizes the user to have access to specific information through its own digital devices.

In the videotape, Jan Hdrn of Ericsson illustrates how by touching the soup tray made of "Connected Paper", see (using his smartphone) soup ingredients, and the number of calories, and other information.

This, and the information is transmitted through the human body, where it is used, "Connected Paper" technical "Capacitive Coupling" that transmits electrical signals through the human body, using the same principle of mobile screens that touch of a finger human response.

And different, "Connected Paper" technique for the near-term contact NFC, which require the user to bring the smart phone of the device, where the user does not have to only touch the paper to form the human body network principle reached between the paper and the phone.

According to Ericsson, which offered "Connected Paper" the first time during the International Exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2015, which took place earlier this month, he is able to transfer data at speeds up to 10 Mbps.


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