Facebook and Google are competing on the young man does not exceed the 15-year-old!

Ben Pasternak,Impossible Rush application

Facebook and Google are competing on the young man does not exceed the 15-year-old!

In the world of Internet and technology every year almost surprised innovations and new ideas are invading the world in moments, whether it's technological devices or the application of smart phones, some of which became creates a stir in all media and websites network, another example is Impossible Rush application developed by young not applications 15-year-old beyond.

Success is not his age, especially when it comes to technology. Computer geniuses such as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg reached the peak of their success they are in only 20 years. Ben Pasternak is a young man of age, was able to develop an application called Impossible Rush, which has been downloaded 500,000 times on the Apple Store Store since its launch last month, has been able to achieve this figure in a short period, with bypass application such as Vine or Twitter in the same period!

Impossible Rush is a game of mental skills where you have to rotate the square, which consists of a range of colors to the color of the ball that drops from the top of the screen. The fact that this game has achieved great success in the Apple store has been reproduced in IOS and Android system more than 20 times, and this is evidence of its success.

The success of this game and make the young tech giants pay attention to him. Facebook has invited him to visit its headquarters in California, while Google has convinced him to participate in the annual updated by Hack Generation Y, where he will participate in the marathon programming to design an application in 36 hours.

As is well known and commonly large IT companies are recruiting like these adolescents and their involvement in the learning sessions, before integrating them into work within their divisions in the company.

Currently Ben Pasternak is now working on one of the applications that will unite all the social networks!


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