Huawei launches new smartphone "espace 8950"

Huawei "espace 8950"

Huawei "espace 8950"
Huawei unveiled the company, specialized in the provision of information and communications technology solutions, for the latest generation of high-definition video phones, a phone "espace 8950", as part of its efforts to strengthen the work of offices and staff productivity across institutions and companies in the Middle East.

Huawei believes that a fully touch screen technology attracts companies all over the world due to the growing popularity of desktop video and smart phones that changed user habits in the use of new means of communication, as well as the role they play in facilitating the work of the staff and raise the level of productivity.

The company said the phone "espace 8950" offers "a perfect experience continues to make companies more fun and efficient thanks to the full-touch feature." The phone provider offers a feature visual display a consistent user experience across PCs, smart phones and tablet devices also allow special technology available to users by using Bluetooth to switch between office phone and a mobile phone without the need to end the call. The conference service visual touch feature provided by the machine that will ensure providing the best visual communication and control simple and easy calls experience, as she put it.

It is expected to increase the importance of the use of technologies such as unified communications solutions and communication between the machine and the machine in the regional IT industry, according to the latest statistics and forecasts published by the "IDC" which, as noted, it is expected that the Middle East region on ICT spending exceeds $ 32 billion in the next year.

Featuring phone "espace 8950" is very high in terms of its size 6 millimeters, while the multi-touch design came to replace the pressure on traditional button. The base of the phone, it is adjustable to focus vision naturally angle.

And making phone from aluminum alloy, is also working Touch described by Huawei very technology "IPS" screen provides the user display a very wide to capture more of the details of the picture angle.

In addition, the phone signal characteristic visual display, the company said it also provides a consistent user experience across PCs, mobile phones and tablets. The interface enables users flat user to make frequent operations in only three steps. And allows the touch screen is ideal visual experience during video conferences through a simple and easy to control in the conference.

The sound is run automatically to the mobile phone user with the function without the use of the hands, and while using Bluetooth, in case he wants to leave the office area. The user can continue to voice call using a Bluetooth headset without the need to transfer the call to the mobile phone handset.

It is worth mentioning that the new device "espace 8950" will ensure the companies to management and control of sensitive information necessary to ensure tight security.

Huawei said that the phone "espace 8950" Designed with Mkiprin sound high-definition technology to broadcast sound accurately. Phone provider also provided a visual display feature high-quality 1080p camera.

"espace 8950" also allows the user the opportunity to transform the office room to real meetings through multimedia and high-definition HDMI interface helps to display video call content on a big screen.

She said Huawei's new phone works with unified communications (UC) to provide a wide variety of communications services for businesses, including corporate directory, voicemail, and property transfer shunt extension mobility and enhance these functions efficient communications and in companies.

The company added that the phone provider of visual display feature "espace 8950" offers a variety of modes of administration staff and users of information technology maintenance, enabling them to control, manage, and maintain phones easily and flexibly.

In addition to the user interface-based operating system Android, phone "espace 8950"  provides a management page on the Internet, users can access through a computer.

They can also manage the video phones in batches through Huawei management system for corporate networks, known as the eSight. The user interfaces are available via the Internet easier and significantly phone provider management feature visual display.


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