Way to run YouTube on your TV from Android

run YouTube on your TV from Android

Way to run YouTube on your TV from Android

Can be applied using YouTube to do the same basic tasks performed by Chrome Dreamcast without having to buy the last. Can send videos to your TV or another connected to the Internet and video work.
I do not have Chrome Dreamcast currently Unfortunately, even though I want to get on one. I expect that many of you want it too.
Fortunately, you can rely on YouTube in the Android software to do this automatically. You need to Youtube Ali Android software installation with telephone and TV connection on the same network.

View YouTube on TV automatically:

The YouTube link in the Google Nexus 7 devices and PlayStation 3 is very easy. Will allow PS3 and other devices to link with YouTube in Android automatically.
Must when you open YouTube in your android from the top of the screen you see something that looks like the upper picture.
Do you see a rectangular shape that looks like a Wi-Fi icon in the corner? Click on it.

You'll see when you click on that list of devices that can connect automatically. That the device you wish to call a blogger click on it and you will be contacted.
All you need to do now is to look for a video clip you want to turn it on and press the run.


You can still have not been able to connect everything operates automatically to YouTube. It will take some work.
Look to the 3 points above them in the right of the magnifying glass used to search for videos in almost top of the screen when you run the YouTube application.
Click on the three points and go to the Settings menu.

Choose from the list of Connected TVs Settings and Add a TV.
Follow the instructions on the screen.
Go to YouTube in the application or TV screen and go to settings and find the choice of connecting device Pair device and enter the link icon in the android device.
Must everything works well.

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