Xbox One games on PC through Xbox app

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Xbox One games on the PC

It was announced through the event Windows 10 today for something very important and delightful for all players is the possibility the live broadcast of all Xbox games platform One on the personal computer platform which will enable you to experience all Games Xbox One platform on the PC platform via Xbox app next program with Windows 10 and who is the work of the live broadcast to all Xbox games platform One of your device, but requires the presence of Xbox One device you have this time because this property is not like that announced by Sony goodbye to hardware Playstation with PlayStation Now, which do not require the Playstation devices to play games this platform, but require Net high-speed and monthly subscription service service and a TV intelligent Samsung or Sony.

Xbox app lets you live all your games found on Xbox One platform you have on the computer your personal computer and you can also broadcast games on the tablet, which will work on Windows 10 system, maybe this will spoil the joy when others because we are all we crave that Microsoft is doing service similar to the service PlayStation Now, which do not require the devices to play only screen TV and high-Speed Internet, but eventually will rejoice greatly owners Xbox One platforms this news because they finally will be able to experience all of them on the personal computer games.

Xbox app application also allows you to capture footage play while you play and save the last 30 seconds of the section that you filmed and submitted to the Xbox Live network and can also post all sections filmed on other social communication network Phil also stated that the Xbox app application running in line with the Steam program and there are no problems between the two applications shall be final and also stated that the Steam program supernaturally works on Windows 10 and gives you the Xbox app cross property platforms that enable you to see the Count your friends and communicate with them, which will enable you to play the mass with them also at an exclusive version of the Ultras Xbox platform application PC as a game platform Fable Legends.

The Xbox app application showing all existing games you have on your Xbox One platform, provided that all of the devices on a single network where choose any game located inside the library your games on the Xbox and play dedicates the PC platform after you press the Stream from Xbox then you can start finally play by the arm and you can also use the game nicely and appear beautiful on the PC platform.

 Phil Spencer to experience him as he is playing a game Forza on the PC platform and you can also close the  Xbox automatically from the Xbox app application or termination of the live broadcast of the game on the computer or closing the hand control and if you want to finish the game you can actually through the hands of a push button control.

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