Apple wants to make self-driving car

Apple self-driving car

Apple self-driving car

Apple now learn how to self-electric car industry leadership, and is in talks with experts in the auto companies, according to the Reuters news agency on Saturday quoted a source familiar with the talks.

The source said that the company originally specialized in smart phones and the computer industry, smart watches, considering how the whole car industry, not just automotive design software or individual components.

He added that the source told Reuters on condition of anonymity, "it does not seem that they want a lot of help from the carmakers."

The source also stated that Apple gathering advice on parts and production methods, adding that he does not seem that Apple is interested in combustion engine technology or traditional manufacturing methods.

The Reuters news agency said a spokesman for Apple in London on Saturday refused to comment on "rumors or speculation."

The Google competition for Apple company has developed a prototype self-driving car, while the company's emerging produced "Tesla" sports car electric successful.

A competent source in the automotive industry also said that in addition to building a car, there is money you win the company of dedicated operating system for self-driving car, as well as services related to the self-driving, such as a high-resolution maps, and the exchange of the car, and the electric shipping services.


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