Google offers a new device to remove odors from the body

Google device to remove odors from the body

Google device to remove odors from the body

Google recently proceeded on a new patent for an electronic record by shooting a good smells in the case discovered a foul odor coming from the body or places or people around him, and a person can carry this device and paste it into the body in a normal fashion.

According to US media reports, this device will be equipped with sensors that different position several odors coming from the body to monitor and distinguish them operate these sensors in the case exceeded the odors emitted from the body or near the ocean from a certain special index aromatherapy level who shall device launched smell cover any other odor.

Patented Google indicated that this device would be a small provider fan distributes the smell of the device and published in various places of the body and works for a certain period determined by the user himself.
As noted in the fact that the device is not limited to monitoring the odors emitted from the body of the user only and even the smells of people around him sends him notices device in order to give the order to open a pleasant smell or abandon it and ignore the smell.

Thanks to this innovation Google have recorded a new patent for a device that can be spend on regular sprays and fresheners and we described as "smart fresheners," which also fall within the smart devices revolution.


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