"Zee town" city which is preparing to build Facebook

Zee town

Zee town

It seems that ambition Facebook does not just stop at controlling the world of social networking sites across the world, but the company's other projects do not differ in the level of ambition for the rest of the company's projects, where Facebook has announced that it will build the city of their own housing will be staff there even be close to their workplace and become a community united.

Build a Facebook project their own city is not new, as Marc Zukirberg revealed his ambition to create this project since 2013, but there seems to be progress in this area, where will live this city nearly 10,000 Facebook employees and new urban will be held that will carry the name " Zee town " in the state of California," Menlo Park "area in San Francisco on an area of ​​82 hectares.

The new city will include a group of buildings is a condominium and private housing staff villas, but there will also be Retailers shopping and a number of different facilities hotels to keep up with the population of these special staff  FACEBOOK new city, and has been selected renowned architect "Frank Gehry" to put Designs of the city and is the one who has previously designed the Museum "Guggenhein" in Bilbao, Spain, or as well as the headquarters of "Louis Vuitton" Society in Paris, France.

The new Facebook project Zee town is already ahead after the company bought the land, which will be built by the city at a cost of $ 400 million, while the entire project Vsichaelv very huge amount estimated at $ 200 billion.


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