3 features do not know in the Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

The web browser Google Chrome one of the most common software in their respective fields where used by more than 30% of Internet surfers around the world and so good for performance, high speed, and includes the Chrome browser a lot of its own features and non-existent in other browsers, and we will review together on a number of these features, which may Many people do not know:

1 - Search within the sites directly

You can search within the content of any site like YouTube or Wikipedia through the program directly without the need to enter the site and search using the search tool its own.

To search within a site, all you need to do is start racing left the site name in the address bar to show you press statement on the tab button to search within the site, and when you press tab button, you can begin to look directly enter the keyword that you want.

The beauty of this feature is that it also enables you to search within the desired location using the Google search engine, which gives the most accurate results, and often better than those provided by search tools for the sites.

2 - transfer more than once Tab

Most of us, when browsing a large number of pages at the same time it is arranged according to their importance and turn it on by pressing the Tab each tab individually and transferred from one place to another.

Fine feature offered by Chrome program, which is the ability to specify more than one page to be transported at the same time, through the pressure of the Shift key and identification marks to be transferred and then dragging them to the place you want to move it, or re-opened in a new window including only selected tabs.

3 - Calculator

As we know, the Google search engine is trying to shorten the time when a user is searching for the result of a calculation is calculated by himself and display the results, users can do the same calculations enter the calculation itself in the address bar of the program shows the result directly from the Google search engine.

The same applies to the conversion of units and currencies where they can do the same way operations.


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