Free games to teach math to children

Free games to teach math

Free games to teach math

Can take advantage of the Internet a lot of areas, specifically the area of education, where a lot of sites that track the distance education method to reach the largest possible segment are available, and this in mind, users can take advantage of group sites to teach mathematics to children between the age of two until the eleventh.

Beginning can be for children between the seventh age until the ninth to take advantage of the game Fraction Flags, which focuses on the use of fractions and percentages to create the colorful flags, as can be for children between the fifth and eleventh advantage of Game Tables Shooter specialized in calculations style warfare game.

BBC's global network provides a sports-related games under BBC School Radio address and can be for children between the age of three until the eleventh to take advantage of them.

Children over the age of ten can experience the game from Who Wants To Be A Mathionaire? Specializing in the calculations only, and can game ONE STEP EQUATION that rely on solving mathematical equations to throw the ball inside the network experience.

Finally, children between the second and fifth count can learn through the game Underwater Counting interactive.


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