Learn new Japanese innovation Handiii

Handiii,Japanese innovation Handiii

Handiii,Japanese innovation Handiii

The Japanese company fledgling "Exiii" revealed new innovation Handiii and of Peony new artificial arm made technology printing three-dimensional 3D, but it's not like the rest of the innovations in this area, where characterized by high efficiency and also low its price and the possibility of controlled via smartphone.

There is no doubt that physical disability formed always a big problem for many people, but with the advancement of technology, especially with regard to organ and print three-dimensional, these problems will soon become of the past, and in this context, made the Japanese company Handiii and new innovation and is an arm Easy to use artificial and repairs as well, and has a "Electromyography" making it possible to monitor the electrical currents associated with the currents of muscle movement.

Industrial arm Handiii works well in line with the smartphone via a special application where this device plays the role of mediator between muscle movements and artificial arm movement and is what enables the user to move the injured disability hand fully and do all the movements, and this will be the price of industrial arm is 300 only dollars but are not available to the public in the current period.


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