Leia technique to make any intelligent device displays three-dimensional images

Leia technique,leia Holographic

Leia technique

Designed a new three-dimensional technique inspired by the famous sci-fi film "Star Wars", to give smart devices the ability to display images and video triple-dimensional or what is known as "" Holographic.

And offered a new technique, which bears the name of "Leia" - relative to the character of "Princess Leia" mentioned in the film - during the "World Mobile Conference" MWC 2015, which concluded its activities on Thursday in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

However it is believed that the three-dimensional projection, which appeared in the movie "Star Wars" may be a step too far at the moment. But, unlike the triple films traditional dimensions that can not be seen only from one angle, designers "Leia" say it gives a real sense of depth, as can be seen from 64 different nook, all without the need for three-dimensional glasses.

CEO "Leia" David Fattal, and explained that their technique is primarily addressed to the screens of mobile devices, he said, "It's display is able to drop 64 different image, in the different directions of space."

He Fattal "So when you look at it, the left eye and right eye will see different images, in fact, so it will look three-dimensional".

The company plans later this year to launch a small display unit can produce images and three-dimensional video tinted. Fattal said that the transition from black and white it was the most difficult for developers.


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