New technology turned dark eyes to blue

technology turned dark eyes to blue,Stroma Medical Corporation

 technology turned dark eyes to blue,Stroma Medical Corporation

Testing clinic in the US state of California a new technology that will transform human eyes like dark brown and black to blue.

She said "Stroma Medical Corporation" clinic she invented a new technique for laser eye surgery are able to remove the hemoglobin of the patient's eye, thus turning it into a blue color.

It is noteworthy that the upper layer of the iris (the warp), the dark eyes, like black and brown, contain high concentrations of melanin, a natural hemoglobin affect human skin color, hair, and eyes.

But in the blue and green eyes, the warp contain very little melanin, and blue color comes from the phenomenon of light spread dubbed "Tyndall phenomenon", which is similar to the "Riley phenomenon" that makes the sky look blue. So in fact, blue eyes look only when it does not have hemoglobin.

The new technique uses a laser to remove melanin in the iris stroma. The process does not take only 30 seconds per eye.


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