The announcement of the first electronic cigarette drugs legal

E-njoint,first electronic cigarette drugs legal

E-njoint,first electronic cigarette drugs legal

There is no doubt that the News of the World Digital carry news funny too, and among this news announcement Dutch company "E-njoint" announced the launch of a cigarette electronic drug legal hundred percent, this innovation is not the first of its kind, but what is new is the fact that the company launched a new kind taste and the smell of one of the most dangerous types of drugs.

And was the Dutch company E-njoint has announced the summer last year, announced the launch of a range of cigarettes drugs online legal number of special some fruit flavors, but the company went so far as where a year ago to study cannabis anesthetic and has extracted some organic ingredients in it and that belong to taste and smell, and the incorporation in the new innovation in order to give the user a similar experience to the truth.

According to the company, the electronic cigarette drug this legal rule that it does not contain any banned substances, but organic materials which have an effect close to the impact of the original article, which may help some users who want to quit this bad habit according to the company, but many of the same studies Credibility alerted to the big risks incurred by these electronic cigarettes, which may outweigh the risks of regular cigarette.


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