First battery smartphone shipped in one minute

charging your smartphone in just one minute,Battery smartphone,Battery smartphone shipped in one minute

Battery smartphone,Battery smartphone shipped in one minute

Is still a problem for charging electronic devices, especially smart phone batteries is one of the common problems in the digital domain, as these batteries emptied quickly as the recharging requires a long time, and it seems that it will become a thing of the past in the near future.

And was a lot of innovations have spread in the last period and relate to new types of rechargeable electric-powered batteries in record time may not exceed a few minutes, but the scientists and researchers from Stanford University recently uncovered a new type of battery capable of charging your smartphone in just one minute.

Newspaper "The Telegraph" British quoted researcher in chemistry "Hongjie Dai" and who heads the new project that this type of battery is made of aluminum and the material is what makes it compatible with environmental standards as it is inexpensive and safe as it is a potentially explosive or flammable as it gets with the current batteries, plus they retain power for a longer period.
The new battery is composed of aluminum anode of a charged and negatively charged Katud of graphite charged shipment positive addition to the electrolyte aqueous solution.


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